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Please enter your student number and date of birth of birth as a means of confirming your identity before proceeding.

Please enter an e-mail address so we can send an activation code to you. You will need this activation code the first time you log in.Do not try to log in before you receive this e-mail with your activation code.

Each time you log onto this system you will need to enter your ID. You must also enter a password. Please set and confirm your password here.

If you forget your password we will need to verify who you are before you can login again. Please enter a memorable question and its answer which we can use in the event of this happening.

IMPORTANT - ALL NEW USERS - if you are a student and this is the first time you are using this payments system and have not yet registered, click the Register as a new user link above.
If you are a parent / sponsor and have not yet registered, click the Register as a parent link.

You will be sent an e-mail containing your user id and activation code, which you will need the first time you log in. Please note it could take up to 20 minutes to receive this e-mail. Do not try to log on before you have received this e-mail.

Please note that if you enter your password incorrectly 3 times, you will be locked out of your account for 1 hour. If you have forgotten your password, please click the ‘I have forgotten my password’ link.

All queries/problems should addressed to Serviceline
Telephone: 02380 595656 Ext 25656

Your User ID is your student number or your parent/sponsor id beginning 'PAR'

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